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Designs, yes  :  But of pure rhythmic movement  :  the thrust and sweep of lines, spreading as if from an energizing spiral core in endless permutations and combinations. Each perfectly organized in relation to the other. Sheer beauty of movement expressed in terms of poise, grace,   and   elan vital. The artist as though   giving   fullest  expression  to  her  effortlessly  mutating  forms. Technique  ?   To    a   ballet   of the  heart’s  needle. The   points    and   punctuations   on the picture plane now dripping, now rising into free flight;  now   gravitating  then  galvanizing around a centre.

The work is not a copy of life, no mirror held up  to  the  outward   appearances  that so often mask the inward distress. Rather,   the   art  form  has  cut through to the vitality beneath and interpenetrate, enchanting, ravishing colour combinations.

Ecstasy and uplift, the euphoric dance performed by the artist’s brush;  the  material  of  her  “choreography” not the actually moving figures of  dancers, with all their range or gestures. No, her dancers   are  gesturing  lines and the colours of her painting, and by which she also touches the heart.

And so, the artist is seen pressing on beyond the boundaries of the visible into the realm of energy hid in our minds. Her lines, shapes and colours are thereby certainly charged with spiritualized sensations. 

Keshav Malik


One still remembers Sangeeta Gupta's paintings of cacti way back in the early 90s, as she was starting out as a painter. She has moved steadily, though not slowly, to gain much ground with her art, even as she came to terms with all that life dealt on her. Gradually, in the process of looking inwards, she discovered within her self stirrings made up of hues and colours, boundless yet layered by countless textures, surfacing to the fore as she took up the brush, almost as a process of meditation. It must undoubtedly have been an exhilarating and rejuvenating experience, externalised in paintings, progressively better composed, emanating the calm, balance and equanimity exuding necessarily from within.

Colours are muted, oft tinted with gold and silver, expressions of success, growth and fulfilment, like a magic carpet transcending the clouds.

Layering, grading, texturing and highlights have remained the keystones of Sangeeta's works in the recent years. Experimenting with varying tools she has delivered works that fill the length and breadth of the canvass in an unending continuum of tones and textures, like a universe laid bare, as ready for speculation as for meditation, exuding a magnificence that stretches from consciousness to infinity, fragments lifted in frames as works of art.

She paints the fabric of life, from the inner depths of her consciousness as she experiences success, restraint and peace.

Written by Aruna Bhowmick, Art Critic, 2011

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